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Bartle Hall North Dock Renovation

Program Management

Photo: Program Management

Diggs manages large, multi-year, multi-project masterplans, tracking a large number of projects in stages ranging from early development through design, construction and close out. Master budgets and schedules keep the Owner up to date on the entire program. At Diggs, "Soup to nuts" management of your program, can mean helping you with project funding, planning, acquisition and environmental issues. We have extensive experience in navigating the regulatory issues which can impact large projects. We have a strong database of design and technical consultants as well as construction management firms. Diggs provides expert scheduling, planning and phasing experience, including assisting an owner with move planning and relocations. Diggs has developed simple programs to maximize the involvement of small/local/minority owned contractors in large, public projects. These programs include monitoring and follow up, which has built up and strengthened smaller contractors throughout the community. Diggs is a strong community supporter, active in local organizations and mentoring and training programs.