“A successful project outcome begins with the smallest details.”

Bartle Hall

"At Diggs, business growth and one-on-one relationships go hand-in-hand."

We believe that a successful business begins with building successful relationships - with clients, with employees, with partners, and with the community. The core of every relationship must have integrity, respect, honesty, and true, heartfelt commitment. Based on this fundamental belief, in 1977 was founded Diggs Construction, Inc., offering general contracting services nationwide for projects of all sizes.

Since its formation Diggs Construction has always sought to utilize the concept of "system integration" within its management, technical facilities, partners and clients. Thoroughly analyzing each project to determine the right personnel and chemistry needed has been a crucial step that allows Diggs to deliver top quality projects to its clients, on time and within budget from the onset of any project.

Diggs Construction's dedication to its team members fosters an environment of growth, in part by seeking creative ideas and input from every employee. At Diggs, we believe in emphasizing the integration of ideas, challenges, and successes within the entire company and with our corporate partners. This growth is evident in the expansion of Diggs Construction, Inc. from a partnership forged through a few, select contracts to a prospering business with four locations in three states. Moving from general contracting services to a full-service program management and construction management company, Diggs Construction, LLC was formed in 1999. Over the years, Diggs has expanded its markets to include educational, residential, public/municipal, commercial/retail, hospitality and corporate sectors. Its most recent market expansion includes water, wastewater, storm water, and transportation. To increase service offerings in this sector, Diggs Construction has formed a Civil Group led by Jerry Morrow. Regardless of growth, Diggs will always be committed to providing personal service and one-on-one relationships.